About us

With humble beginnings as a map-making company we’ve progressed over the years with our hard work and good results. A loyal and growing client base has provided the opportunity for more diverse projects and challenges, all met with the same ethic and effort that makes us what we are today.

Now, with a core of local, regional, and national clients, Chrysalis Design Works has experience in a vast array of industries that include beverage, banking, commerce, small business, retail, health and wellness, even civic and state community organizations.

Our project list of experience includes beverage package designs, websites, branding materials, logos, video & multimedia projects, and printed materials galore from business cards and letterhead to multipage brochures and quarterly company magazines from design thru production.


The Team

David Schield, Owner/Designer

I’ve been fortunate to experience a wide variety of corporate cultures, management styles, agency mentalities, design styles, and production processes in my career and I think it makes me a better designer and business owner in the long run.

I enjoy the creative challenge. I believe in listening to people and helping them solve their creative challenge, and most importantly, making them happy with a project well done.

Mike Grunder, Designer

Mike is a graduate of MATC's Visual Communications program, where he was introduced to multiple creative disciplines.

He was hired 6 years ago to help expand Chrysalis' range of services by bringing experience with Flash, web design and construction, animation, video production, motion graphics and presentation design, as well as traditional graphic design skills.